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KG Search

Find data with the public search UI

The public search UI of EBRAINS (which is accessible here), provides full-text queries and faceted filters on top of the published metadata of the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph. It also allows direct download of the registered data.


  • Full-text search
  • Different result types (datasets, persons, species)
  • Faceted search (per result type)
  • Direct data download
  • Exploration by linked result sets: users can e.g. navigate from a dataset to a contributor and from there to other datasets, publications, etc.
  • Area of restricted access for the review of not-yet published metadata


KG Query

Query just the data you need - in the shape you want!

KG comes with a comfortable way of defining your own queries and just ask for the data you're interested in: The KG Query Builder.

This convenient tool allows you to select the types, fields and relations you're interested in and lets you execute the query against the Knowledge Graph database in no-time and use it e.g. for reports or further processing.

But there's more: if you want to reuse your query and/or are a developer, you can store your query by giving it a name on the Knowledge Graph. You can then execute this query all over again, access it by an API and even automatically generate python code (more languages will be supported) which allows you to access the results easily in your own environment.

Advanced filter mechanisms allowing you to restrict your results by: text patterns, regular expressions and even 3-dimensional spatial location, let you narrow down your search result to exactly what you're looking for.


  • Easy-to-use query definition via UI
  • Immediate execution of the query for short feedback cycles
  • Ensured access permissions based on the user-login
  • Save and load specifications in the KG
  • Call your stored queries through an API
  • Rename fields and restructure the response to your needs
  • Make use of the full power of semantics (JSON-LD) or reduce your results to easy-to-process standard JSON
  • Query high quality data only or lookup preliminary (non-published) data (depends on your access rights)
  • Advanced filter mechanisms (static or dynamically definable by parameters) - even with coordinate based, 3-dimensional spatial search
  • Get notifications about changes / optimizations in the data structures your query depends on.



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