EBRAINS Knowledge Graph

A metadata management system built for EBRAINS

HBP Knowledge Graph is now EBRAINS Knowledge Graph

We're proud to announce, that the Knowledge Graph built for the Human Brain Project is now part of the EBRAINS platform! Although the name changes, the technology and the continuous strive to build the tools to manage high quality metadata for neuroscientific research stays the same.

EBRAINS believes in the promise of Open Science.

We built the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph (KG) to help you find and share the data you need to make your next discovery. We also built it to connect you to the software and hardware tools which will help you analyse the data you have and the data you find.

The EBRAINS Knowledge Graph supports rich terminologies, ontologies and controlled vocabularies. The system is built by design to support iterative elaborations of common standards and supports these by probabilistic suggestion and review systems.

The EBRAINS Knowledge Graph is a multi-modal metadata store which brings together information from different areas of the Human Brain Project as well as from external partners. At the core of the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph, a graph database tracks the linkage between experimental data and neuroscientific data science supporting more extensive data reuse and complex computational research than would be possible otherwise.

If you don't find what you're looking for contact us at: kg@ebrains.eu

Have fun!

KG Search

Find and use interesting data

Finding data on the knowledge graph is easy: Use the publicly available KG Search UI to search, filter, explore and download neuroscientific data.

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KG Editor

Enter, manage and publish your metadata

Collaboratively create and edit the metadata with the KG Editor which supports you by input aids and built-in ontologies. Review data and publish revisions of your metadata to achieve high quality standards.

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KG Query

Access metadata programmatically

You want to query the metadata programmatically for your own application or reports? Make use of the easy-to-use KG Query mechanism and profit from the KG QueryBuilder - a UI that allows you to define your queries conveniently through your webbrowser.

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KG Admin

Administer the Knowledge Graph

Manage a Knowledge Graph installation by visualizing its current state, profit from convenience APIs and execute jobs on demand or regularly.

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This open source software code was developed in part or in whole in the Human Brain Project, funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under Specific Grant Agreements No. 720270 and No. 785907 (Human Brain Project SGA1 and SGA2).